U.S. TAG to ISO PC 302 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems (ISO 19011) meeting at the 2017 Audit Division Conference!

At the 26th Annual ASQ Audit Conference, Jennifer Admussen, ASQ Standards Manager and international PC 302 Secretary will be hosting a meeting for the newly created U.S. TAG to ISO PC 302 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems (ISO 19011).

So what is a TAG and what does it have to do with the auditing standard ISO 19011?

A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) is a group of experts in a particular field. TAGs are actively involved in the creation of international standards. Their primary purpose is to develop and transmit the U.S. position on activities or draft standards of the appropriate ISO or IEC technical committees.

Participation in a TAG is an opportunity for various U.S. stakeholders to help shape international standards that will influence how they do business globally. Participants have devoted many years to becoming experts in their fields and have a tremendous responsibility to protect their countries’ trade and commercial interests.

In the United States, TAG 302 develops the U.S. positions on international standardization activities of ISO/PC 302: Guidelines for auditing management systems. The scope of ISO/PC 302 is standardization in the field of guidelines for auditing management.

The meeting will be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Dallas just prior to the Audit Conference on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Jennifer will also be available for questions and conversation throughout the entire conference!

If you want to join as a guest to observe this meeting, you MUST preregister by contacting ASQ at standards@asq.org. The deadline for registration is 9/29/2017. No one will be allowed into the meeting that has not preregistered. Registering for the conference does NOT include automatic registration for this meeting.