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15 Great Accounting Ideas for a Graduate Dissertation

Writing a graduate dissertation on accounting is a tough business. Many students get stressed by simply thinking about all they have to do for the final capstone project in this field. Having to come up with an interesting and original topic can be even more difficult. We’ve asked our academic professional writers to develop some ideas for a graduate dissertation in accounting. These are all free to use and customize to fit your personal interests and course requirements:

Account Management in the Start-Up Business World Dissertation Ideas

  1. What are some of the missteps that traditionally lead to growth in debt and what are the best ways to avoid them?
  2. How to small businesses go about utilizing modern or forensic accounting systems to reduce their taxes during their first three years?
  3. Is it important for business owners to hire a dedicated accountant or can the work be outsourced to temporary consultants or firms?
  4. How does the U.S. government handle discrepancies in account reporting from start-up businesses that don’t have many resources available?
  5. How do small business owners make the best accounting choices when they are struggling to keep their start-up companies afloat in today’s competitive world?

Strategic Management & Modern Accounting Practices Dissertation Topics

  1. In a normal business setting, what are the challenges strategic managers might face when applying modern accounting practices?
  2. What are the major differences between business planning and strategic management and does each influence the type of accounting approach for a small company?
  3. What business functions account for the types of modern accounting practices that are put into effect in small to mid-size businesses?
  4. How does technology affect the ways and speeds in which accountants receive the information they require to conduct accurate auditing?
  5. Of the variety of accounting methods, which have been shown to be the most effective in letting forensic accountants do their work?

Forensic Accounting Practices Graduate Dissertation Ideas

  1. What are some of the key characteristics of fraud cases of the major banking and investment firms over the last two decades?
  2. Financial and accounting fraud has long been a problem for small businesses that lack auditing resources. How does forensic technology help prevent risk?
  3. What are the primary functions and responsibilities of a forensic account for small businesses? How are they different from accountants working with large corporations?
  4. What are the most important skills that an accountant specializing in forensics should possess? How has this changed over the last 25 years?
  5. What are the basic skills that the process required to conduct a thorough and effective forensic investigation of large business accounts?

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